Friends  TTJ  (Trouble Tribe Japan)      
Rock Band from Japan
Friends  TTJ  (Trouble Tribe Japan)  
A crazy Rock Band from Japan
John McGale is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, &
record producer who has lent his talents to countless acts. John has played
on more than 50 albums.
World Champion Dog
sled Racer “Lou Serre”
Janice Atem Dancer/Singer, sings back
up vocals on the 4th M.I.C. Album
Metal/Rock Fans Tanner & Spencer
World Champ Karate Kids & Football
Stars. Patrick, Mathieu, Sébastien &
(Manager) Alain (Left)
Radio Discovery Host, Heavy Moni
in Hamburg Germany.
Friends Hua Fei, boss of the best
Dumpling restaurant in Chengdu
Jérôme, Shub et Stéphane
Metal Zone's Crazy Hosts in France
Metal Zone Show
Mike O'Neil : (lead vocals, guitar) for
the band " Wednesday" (LAST KISS)
The band was awarded a 'RPM Maple Leaf
Award’ for outstanding sales (1973), and were
nominated for several Junos as well.
Their version of “Last Kiss”  
reached #1 in Canada &
#34 in the U.S.A.
They also had many other hits:
“Fly Away”, “Loving You Baby”
“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” etc..
Dave Burt guitar player for CANO.
(Franco-Ontarian folk-pop act)
In the studio:  Neil Merryweather,
David Colin Burt, and Texan guitar
player Jamie Herndon. Neil's site:
Billy Mason, B3 organ / solo artist,
currently touring in Dave Mason's
Yvon & well known TV personality
at a show in China
Henry "H-Bomb" Weck drummer of
Brownsville Station , brownsvillestation
Brownsville Station are best known
for their 1974, Worldwide Hit
"Smokin' in the boys room"
as well as many other hits,
Lady (put the light on me), Kings of
the Party, Martian Boogie, Leader
of the gang etc..
Yvon & Gordon Markendale, (luthier & musician).
Used to repair George Harrison’s Ukuleles.
Gordon Markendale
Mario & Luco DJ's from
Bob Bouillon, Guitar player , friend & M.I.C. fan
Photos  2013
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