After spend a few years without playing with a band Yvon was very anxious,
to get back in the game. On his return to China at the end of 2004, He was
on a mission to form a new, all-original band. Soon after his arrival, he
hooked up with a bass player named
Huang Hong Liang.
Together, the duo rehearsed until Yvon heeded the call to join another
established band with bass player "
Billy Ren" that where playing in various
nightclubs. Thus ended the partnership between Yvon and Huang, but only
Kicking things off with a massive outdoor show in Chengdu In 2007 the
band decided it was time to record their debut Album.
M.I.C. released their self-titled album in 2008. With
the help of keyboardist Mark Macleod
and drummer Criss Yang.
The first as well as other albums that would follow featured different styles ranging from Straight Rock & Roll to Melodic Grunge.
In addition to the Mix of North American and Chinese influences in the project, an international lineup of special guests from
Japan, U.S.A., Malaysia, Sweden and Japan were included as well.
Soon after this was accomplished, however, Yvon still had the momentum to start another
project. This idea was  met  with  little  enthusiasm  by  the members of M.I.C., so  Yvon  ended  
up  turning  the idea on his old friend
Huang Hong Liang.
M.I.C. went in the studio in May of 2009 to record their second Album "Out 2 Rock" with additional backing vocals from Angela
Renzetti of  Seattle washington U.S.A. the album was released on January 12th  2010
The thought of recording a new album was met by much enthusiasm by Huang and as a result
an old partnership was reformed.
M.I.C. is a Melodic Rock band based out of Chengdu China, Started back in 2004 the band boasts performances on various TV  shows. One  show   worthy   
of   mention  is  where  M.I.C. represented the city of  Chengdu in 2007, being broadcast to millions across China.Following that, their first three CDs  have  
generated  considerable  airplay  across  Europe, particularly  in  Spain, Germany, Netherlands,  U.K.,  France,  Poland,  Belgium,  U.S.A., Canada  &  Japan.
Other media  features  include  a  full-page interview in the 2010 Sep/Oct issue of Heavy Magazine,Germany's most  prestigious  Metal/Rock   publication. In  
addition,  they have  been reviewed in other major European magazines and countless webzines around the world.
M.I.C. Melodic Rock band based out of Toronto Canada,
More recently, M.I.C. has opened shows for various renown Chinese Pop Stars, including  Wang  Feng, An Youqi  &  Xian  Zion  on  live TV  broadcasts.In
August of 2011 M.I.C. Openned the show for famous Hong Kong band Beyond..M.I.C. makes it on the Front page of the Entertainment section of Chengdu's
Biggest  Newspaper.Chengdu is one of  the  top Cities in  China  with  a population  of  10  million  people. October 3rd The 8th International Tour Music  
Festival &  on  October 4th M.I.C. Headline The East Chengdu Music Festival in Chengdu as well as doing many shows across China.
M.I.C. the beginning...
The main tracks were recorded within a few weeks, but
it was a year before Additional overdubs and mixing
were complete. At last, all the patience and hard work
paid off as the album, "M.I.C.", saw the light of Day in
October 2008.
After finding a drummer in Zhao Quin the band was complete. They hit the pavement running
and started rehearsals immediately. Within a few weeks the band had nailed down 13 of  
Yvon's new songs and played their firstshow without a hitch.
At the end of 2010 all that was left of the band was Angela and Yvon, new members Tommy Burke  
on  Drums from  London,  Uchida “ Yugi ” Yuuji on Bass from Osaka,Japan and Dave Smith on
Keyboards from Liverpool - all long-time veterans of the music scene soon joined the band. The
new album was recorded and then released in January 12th of 2011.
M.I.C. "3rd Degree release January 12th 2011
The band played various shows during the summer of 2011.They also opened the show for
famous Hong Kong band Beyond. M.I.C. makes it on the Front page of the Entertainment section
of Chengdu's Biggest  Newspaper.Chengdu is one of  the  top Cities in  China  with  a
population  of  10  million  people.
M.I.C. 1
M.I.C. " Out 2 Rock "
M.I.C. " 3rd Degree "
the 4th M.I.C. Album "On All 4's" Their 4th Album in 4 years..A Rockin' powerful Melodic punkish
wirling, twisting piece of Pop Rock artsy fartsy Party Music..
M.I.C. " On All 4's "
InAugust of 2011 M.I.C. Openned the show for famous Hong Kong band Beyond..M.I.C. makes it
on the Front page of the Entertainment section of Chengdu's Biggest Newspaper.Chengdu is one
of the top Cities in China with a population of 10 million people..October 3rd The 8th International
Tour Music Festival & on October 4th M.I.C. Headline The east Chengdu Music Festival in
Chengdu as well as doing many shows in China.
On all 4's  January 12th 2012...Yvon moved back to Canada in April after living in Chengdu for
more than 7 years.
Photos  2013
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After tearing up the music scene in China for eight years, band leader and songwriter, Yvon
Serre,  returned  to  his native Canada in April of 2012. Anticipating hard challenges back home,
he returned with 20 new songs in his arsenal and hit the tarmac running. He wasted no time in
recruiting old band mates from the  Harry  Straight  Band;  Emilio, and Silvio. Now looking to the
future, this veteran line-up is now charged up and ready to release MIC’s fifth  album titled “5th
The new line-up boasts new members Emilo Meleca on drums (Skip Tracer/Scarecrow), Dennis
Papadatos  on  Bass (Tia Carrera, Liberty Silver, Randy  Bachman) Silvio Potito on Keyboards
(Perfect Strangers), and Mike O’Neil on backup Vocals and Guitar (Wednesday). Mike had a #1 Hit
in Canada with “Last Kiss” back in 1974.
M.I.C. Album "5th Avenue"  Released January 12th 2013
M.I.C. " 5th Avenue "
Ever enduring, ever progressing, MIC has been,  is, and always will be, a  band  on a mission – to
rock the world. While consistently staying  true to its signature sound, the band continues to push
its boundaries with enhanced sound, embellished  vocals, and  varying styles as it unleashes
their 6th studio album, “6th Sense.”
Since  relocating  to  Toronto,  Canada in 2012, the band has retained the same members, further
establishing itself as a staying force in the music world. The present lineup remains as: Yvon
Serre on lead guitars and vocals (Becuz, Yvon Serre Group, The Harry Straight Band), Dennis
Papadatos on Bass (Natalie Cole, Loverboy, Dixie Chicks) , Emilo Meleca  on drums (Skip  
Tracer,  Scarecrow)Silvio Potito  on  Keyboards (Perfect Strangers),  and  Mike O'Neil  on  backup  
Vocals  and  Guitar (Wednesday).  Added  to  the mix  of  the “6th Sense” album is the talent of
several accomplishedinternational players that help deliver one of MIC’s strongest albums to date
M.I.C. Album "6th Sense"  Released March 22nd 2016
M.I.C. " 6th Sense "